Truffles, hopes for the “Nero Pregiato” in a difficult year

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

Hard year on the Garda for picking truffles: a rather heavy drought in 2017 has caused a real collapse of the production. To say this, the president of the Tartufai Bresciani Association, Virgilio Vezzola, a self-taught, sought after, experienced researcher who for years has followed in person the particular and fascinating world of truffles.

“Unfortunately this year the absence of water has created many problems for all species, as drought has been felt right at the time of growing – explains Vezzola. The only hopes are related to the Nero Pregiato (the black truffle), truffle rather widespread above all in the Garda region thanks to the many cultivation plants that we have built since the ’90s, which now account for almost the total of crops as spontaneous production has drastically reduced during the years”.

In the case of Nero Pregiato, explains Vezzola, rains came in August and September. “We have observed in the field the presence of fruit trees that leave hope for harvesting, which will begin as traditionally around December 13, Santa Lucia Day.”

Not a very good year for all the other species found on the Garda: the Estivo experienced a drop of over 80%, as Macrosporum, and Uncinatum. “The famous Tuber Magnatum or white truffle is also increasingly rare,” says Vezzola. “The seeker is paid up to 2000-3000 euros per kilo, to end up in the market at 5000 or even 8,000 euros as seen in Milan.”


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