Vittoriale 2018, a new season rich in art and beauty

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

The Vittoriale of Gardone Riviera never stops: after the great success of 2017, the famous Lake Garda house-museum has announced in recent days the novelties of the 2018 season with the party ” Capolavorando “, annual and customary celebration of the double anniversary of the birth and death of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio (March 12, 1863-March 1, 1938).

During the day, the officialization of the new artistic works donated to the institution that will further enrich the permanent collection, and will therefore be returned to the public in full respect of the D’Annunzio motto “I have what I have given”. The list of additions includes At the end of adolescence, a sculptural work by Paolo Borghi, I Greyhounds, painting by Maurizio Boscheri, The weight of suspended time by Stefano Bombardieri and Ermione by Carlo Previtali, the models of Fiume realized by Giancarlo Stival. Finally, particularly amazing the oeuvre D’Annunzio in a pin, a singular work by Roberto Massussi.

Really of great interest the showcase dedicated to the young artist Quirino Gnutti: monumental canvases painted in acrylic on velvet, all to be seen in the room dedicated to the anti-submarine motorboat used by d’Annunzio on the occasion of the famous Beffa di Buccari, where they will remain exposed until nesx December 1st.

Particularly curious is the permanent exhibition with the ironic title “Gabbriele Dannunco”: false autographs whose trade has been cut short with judicial action undertaken by the Vittoriale itself in defense of its history and memory.

Not only that: in the context of the Riconquista project, with the Vittoriale at the infinite rediscovery of itself, two beautiful, forgotten corners of the D’Annunzio residence have been returned to the public, namely the Ponte dei Conigli and the Ponte della Fortuna, back to its original splendor after having undergone the stripping of the decorations.

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