Dal Garda il Fior di Sambuco, la bibita dell’estate

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

The new Tassoni beverage is ready to take in time for next summer: the Salò company, a real icon of lifestyle on Lake Garda thanks to the famous Cedrata, kicked off in these days the distribution of the new premium soda “Fior di Sambuco”, a product that is in fact an absolute innovation in the field of soft drinks. The new Tassoni drink, marketed in the traditional 180 ml glass bottle that made the Cedrata famous, is a strictly non-alcoholic carbonated beverage based on the extract of Sambucus Nigra flowers, a plant that in spring blooms copiously everywhere on the whole Italian territory. The small white flowers are extracted in water to make the infusion floral and fruity: distilled lemon peels complement the product with a note of freshness. The result is an extremely delicate and “nice drink”, very pleasant, with fresh and floral scent on the nose and a sweet but balanced taste, which conveys a feeling of naturalness and craftsmanship.
“The launch of Fior Di Sambuco in 2016 is the beginning of a special project for the next two years, which will be characterized by the development of very specific products designed to open a new segment in the market because there are no previous points of reference – says the CEO of Cedral Tassoni Elio Accardo -. All this is part of a new strategy of deep innovation inaugurated last year with the launch of Tonica Superfine Tassoni, which saw the company launch a new product for the first time in fifty years since the invention of Cedrata Tassoni by Carlo Amadei, grandfather of our current president”.

In short, everything leads us to believe that the Fior di Sambuco has what it takes to become one of the summer news. And to bring a little bit of Garda-Style in the orld.

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