Lonato fair, are you ready for the “Os de Stomèch”?

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

The Lonato Fair celebrates the taste of Lake Garda under the sign of Os de Stomech: this is a product of great traditions, heritage of the rural culture of the territory, gastronomic symbol of this historic event that returns on stage again this year from January 19 to 21. Many events scheduled for the sixtieth anniversary of the agricultural, craft and commercial exhibition, which will be organized in the streets and squares of Lonato with over 7000 square meters of exhibition area, to create a real showcase for local production. In the foreground the stomach bone, as in Italian translates precisely the Os de Stomèch, of which it will be possible to observe a giant specimen of more than 400 kilos, almost twice the 225 kg reached last year in what already seemed like a record. The salami will then be used to cook and offer a risotto in the square: the opportunity to learn something more about this classic pot salami that, as recalled by Marino Damonti, restaurateur and expert of local gastronomic traditions, “includes the use of the sternum bone, put for a whole day to marinate “en visiù”, or in a mix of red wine, salt, pepper, garlic, cinnamon and nutmeg.Then the bone must be cut into pieces with the knife and stuffed into the pig’s bladder together with the mixture of meat, previously prepared with lean and fat pork parts, spices and young brandy. The sausage is then tied to obtain eight segments, drilled, and dried. It is ready to eat after at least two hours of cooking in boiling water “. The food and wine proposal of the Fair also continues with the Töt Porsèl circuit, which will see the Lonato restaurants offer a special menu at a fixed price with typical pork dishes until February 28.


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