Tassoni, a new look for the Garda “spirits”

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

The goal was to enhance the original “alcoholic vocation” of a brand that has become a symbol of Garda lifestyle. This was the idea behind the complete redesign of the “spirits” line of Cedral Tassoni, the Salò company known around the world for its iconic Cedrata: a reality already active since 1793 as a chemist’s, that within a revival and renewal plan led by CEO Elio Accardo (a past in  Martini and Branca) decided to reposition in the market a line of ten historical spirits, always in the company portfolio, but re-proposed today with a new image based on renewal both in pack and style. If the look is new, the same can not be said of the recipes, which remain tied to the tradition of the “cedar liqueurs” that in the first decades of the ‘900 did fury in the Garda lounges. And even today the Acqua di Tutto Cedro, the Cedral Duplex and Cedralina remain to witness a glorious past with a vintage charm but also undoubtedly with a fresh taste, elegant and delicate, potentially able to intercept the taste of modern consumers: the Acqua has an alcohol content of 21% vol, the Duplex of 35%, but well served cold, both look really ideal to finish in the right way a lunch or dinner of typical flavors of Lake Garda. Other highlights of the line are undoubtedly the Sambuca, rightly aromatic and well made, the legendary Anesone Triduum, a typology that has really made the history of Brescia spirits and that Tassoni has always produced, and an Mint which, with its 30% vol is no doubt a happy intuition as well as a possible alternative to the many licorice spirits become fashionable in recent times.

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