The Whitefish according to Stefano Baiocco (Villa Feltrinelli)

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

Coregone (Whitefish) with Summer Truffle, Stracciatella and Begonia Flowers

A recipe by Stefano Baiocco, chef of Villa Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Two Michelin Stars

Ingredients for four people:
1 whitefish (weighing one kg), 160 gr fresh stracciatella, 1 medium size truffle, 2 yellow turnips, 2 radishes, lettuce leaves, 16 white begonia flowers white, spicy jelly
For the spicy jelly:

40 g balsamic vinegar, 500 grams of dashi, 58 grams of water truffle, 20 g lime juice, 5 grams of salt, 6 sheets of gelatin. In this jelly add 265 grams of grated white turnip, 125 g lemon juice, soy sauce 60 grams, 142 grams sake reduced by one third, 1.5 g crushed red pepper, 20 gr fresh finely chopped zest of yuzu.


Obtain two fillets from whitefish, deprive them of skin and spines. Keep the fillets with salt for an hour (the salt must be 3% of the weight of fish); then rinse in cold water and dry well with a clean cloth. Place them in a steel plate with ice and flame under the surface with a burner. Prepare a jelly with the ingredients listed above, and preserve in the refrigerator.
Cut the yellow turnip in cylindrical form (2.5 cm), then cut it into fine strips and blanch in water for a few moments while maintaining a certain crispness. Cut the lettuce leaves also and the truffle in thin stripes of the same diameter of the turnip, thus giving a geometric sense to the plate. Finish with a few sheets of radish and some begonia flowers to give acidity to the dish.


Chef Baiocco

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