The Toast of lake sardine with Valtènesi cheese by Saulo Della Valle

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

It is surely one of the most creative and original dishes expressed in recent years by Garda chefs : it’s been conceived by Saulo Della Valle, an enthusiastic young chef who, after the successful experience of “Suer and Garbino” in Moniga del Garda, has recently opened with great success the new tavern H2O, always in Moniga. Here is the recipe.

Serves 4

For the toast

# 8 sardine fillets of lake shelled
# 8 datterini tomatoes sliced ​​and placed on paper towels to dry
# 8 strips of bread for sandwiches cut slightly larger than the fillets

# 8 slices formaggella Valtenesi

150 gr. Garda capers desalted
200 ml. of extra virgin olive oil from Garda
100 gr. spinach leaves
salt and pepper

For the sauce

# 1 tablespoon “senape antica” (in grains)
# 2 tablespoons mustard
q.s. of extra virgin olive oil
# 1 squeezed orange

Whisk in a jug capers and extra virgin olive oil with the “blender”. In a tray arrange the sardine fillets washed and dried with salt and pepper and the oil with capers
In another tray pour the remaining oil and capers and pass the slices of bread for sandwiches in order to anoint them for good. Assemble the following toast on a baking sheet in this series:
– Slice of bread for sandwiches
– Fillet of sardine
– Slices tomato
– Pinch of salt
– Slice of cheese Valtenesi
– Slice of bread for sandwiches
– Stop all stabbing two toothpicks
Meanwhile prepare the sauce by putting in a basin the two mustards with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil first and then with the orange juice. Bake the toast of sardine to 210 ° c. for about 5/6 minutes.
Season the spinach leaves with olive oil and salt. Place them in the center of a rectangular plate. Garnish the plate with sauce Arrange two toasts on the leaves of spinach remove the toothpicks and serve.