“Palio del Groppello”, the 47th edition won by Selva Capuzza

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

Selva Capuzza has won the 47th edition of the Palio del Groppello, the now traditional competition organized by the Confraternita del Groppello (Groppello Brotherhood): the San Martino della Battaglia winery has emerged as the winner in the final selection made in the last few days by the Groppello Brotherhood during the traditional autumn dinner eventu. There were twenty labels that participated in the competition, among which a jury made up of winemakers, sommeliers and wine connoisseurs of the territory selected the three final wineries: Capuzza, Sergio Delai of Puegnago del Garda (winner in 2016) and Le Gaine of Bedizzole . The three labels have come anonymously on the tables of the Antica Cascina San Zago of Salò, the restaurant of Carlo Bresciani who hosted the event: here the members of the Confraternita gathered by president Massimo Claudio Piergentili have decreed the winner. This is the first time that Selva Capuzza, Luca Formentini’s company, especially known for its white wines such as Lugana and San Martino, brings home this recognition. For next year their Groppello will be the official wine of the Brotherhood and will be served on all the meeting occasions of the partnership.

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