Camanini, the spirit of Garda in San Francisco

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

Riccardo Camanini goes to the conquest of the USA: after being included with one of his dish on the menu of the new restaurant opened in the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in San Francisco, the versatile chef of Lido 84 one Michelin Star restaurant in Gardone Riviera (led together with brother Giancarlo) is leaving for the California city, where he will take part to the Gelinaz Walk With Us event scheduled for the night of Monday, July 11. The evening is based on the preparation of two dinners for 80 lucky diners: 16 chefs will be divided into two teams of 8 and will work in pairs to prepare two appetizers, a main dish and a dessert. Each couple will then share the recipe with the others, who will prepare a remix version “remix”: this will extend the number of nitial dishes from 4 to 16.

The dinners will be held in the two restaurants led by chef-icon Corey Lee: the Benu (Three Michelin Stars) and especially the In Situ, the aforementioned restaurant opened a few days ago within the MoMa in Frisco under the direction of the same Lee, who had the idea to build a sort of menu-display with 80 preparations created by as many cooks from around the world. Almost a “gallery” of masterpieces of  contemporary culinary art.

Among these recipes, the American chef has also chosen the Spaghettone Butter and yeast served at the tables of the Lido 84 in Gardone, which then brought a hint of Garda in the fervent atmosphere of one of the most popular and beloved cultural capitals  of the United States. The choice was perhaps not coincidental if one takes into account that the dish had already earned the trust of a myth such as Alain Ducasse, who had tasted it in the summer of last year when he has been the surprise guest in the kitchens Lido 84 for the 2015 edition of Gelinaz, and who later has defined it like the best dish he had ever tasted at a dinner with French President François Hollande.

Honor to the Spaghettone then, a creation which is really a miracle of equilibrium and delicacy declined in only three, magic ingredients: pasta, the lavish butter of Beppino Occelli and yeast crispy and crumbly like a meringue.

But Riccardo’s fantasy knows no boundaries and at the tables of Lido 84, in this summer 2016, there’s already another “cult course” making it’s way to fame, or the Cheese and Pepper Rigatoni cooked in Pig bladder, which has already won the Creativity in the Kitchen Award 2016  at the latest edition of the italian congress “Identità Golose”. This is one of the most traditional italian recipes, reinterpreted by Riccardo who has decided to put all the raw ingredients (water, pasta, Pecorino Romano, pepper) in a pig’s bladder, then put to boil for a time that exceeds 30 minutes. The bladder is then cut in front of the customer table to reveal an explosive Cacio e Pepe explosive, with flavors elevated at maximum power from contact with the bladder that adds a very Roman shade of pajata to the final result. An unmissabile tasting experience,

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