Frutto Del Garda, the house of citrus in Limone

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

You probably know that Lake Garda is the northernmost place in the world where they still grow typically Mediterranean fruits such as citrus. And in this respect the Garda area boasts an ancient tradition well evidenced by the presence of the lemon groves along the coast that leads into the upper Garda. And here, in one of the tourist capitals of ther biggest italian lake, called not surprisingly Limone (Lemon), has taken shape in recent years a very particular business venture, focused precisely on the vocation of the territory to the production of citrus fruits: the company is called Frutto del Garda (Garda Fruit in english) and is located in the area named Dòs de Pàol. This is the little “kingdom” of Gabriella and Giovanni Risatti, hotel business entrepreneurs who transformed this small family estate into a kind of wonderland garden where they grow beautiful cedars, lemons, oranges, bergamot, bitter oranges, limes, grapefruits: a total of 150 plants, divided into 45 species.

“This is pretty much our home – says Gabriella -. We have 5000 square meters of land that in thirty years we have developed and modelled with such passion by creating stone walls and by planting the plants, all mapped today with their botanical name. These plants have been producing mountains of fruit for ages, with which my husband and I have always produced marmalades, primarily ad a gift for friends. A year and a half ago we started labelling and selling them as a kind of joke, but we got an unexpected success. This is why we are beginning to structure ourselves and organize to meet the requirements, but never betray our original artisan spirit. ”

The range of  Frutto del Garda products is a small chest of goodies: first there are the jams where for choice citrus fruits are combined with pear and apple. “It’s a methodology that we have adopted to counterbalance the distinctly acid character which is historically typical of Garda citrus – explains Gabriella -. Since the 16th century our lemons were sold in pieces to the pharmaceutical industry because they are rich in citric acid and then to enhance its characteristics in a product that also stand out for pleasantness we chose to adopt this measure. ”

There are plenty of liquors as well like a limoncello Garda 100% and other typical and unusual specialties such as Double Cedar, the Spirit of Bitter Orange, the Nespolino, the Limonsina, as well as an elder syrup, an extra virgin olive oil and other special features.

The whole is produced with a strictly traditional methodology, and exclusively with raw materials of the farm in a certified laboratory for organic production, as the company has obtained for other bio certification

“The product we do aims to promote Garda, has its own uniqueness that enhances this area, it is something that is found only here and nowhere else- explains Gabriella-. For this we got to the bio: to say that we can produce without polluting and defending our territory and our lake. ”

Gabriella e Giovanni

The Garda Fruit products can be found in selected Garda bakeries and delis, but can also be purchased in the online shop on site. You can also visit the farm and buy directly, Gabriella will be glad to welcome you but only upon request and reservation.

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