Garda oil at “Olio Officina Festival”

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

Lake Garda is strongly represented at Olio Officina Festival: the great workshop directed by Luigi Caricato is scheduled from today February 2 to Saturday 4 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan for three days full of events dedicated to all possible forms of olive oil culture. An essential happening in which there will be obviously space also for the Lake Garda productions.

Featured the presentation of the project “Oleum Vate”, dedicated to the enhancement of the extraordinary heritage of the Vittoriale olives, in Gardone Riviera, loved and even sung by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. Saturday 4th at 12.30 in room Bramante President of the Vittoriale Foundation Giordano Bruno Guerri tell this initiative which, from the year 2017, will lead to the production of an olive oil that will be called Il Vate (The Poet), and of course will be produced with the many varieties of olives Vittoriale grown in organic farming.

Milan workshop will also feature the Consortium Garda Dop Oil, who, during the three days will fly the flag of light and fruity oils through a series of guided tastings and meetings. Of particular note the delivery, scheduled for Friday 3 at midday in Leonardo hall, of an honorable mention to the agricultural society Il Cavaliere Bio in Salè for its engagement in a olive growing activity of high social impact: in this Salò farm in fact Massimiliano Basile and Simone Bonzanini produce Garda Dop Oil also thanks to the inclusion of young people released from prison and the recovery of abandoned olive groves, and will speak about their project even Saturday 4 at 4 pm in the Bramante Hall. Of particular note also the encounter “The gently oil: why consumers increasingly prefer sweet oils”, scheduled Saturday 4 at 12:30 pm in Room Leonardi to the presence of Laura Turri, vice president of the Consorzio DOP Garda. Not to be missed, also on Saturday, the seminar “The oil and meat, a guide to the combination”, always with Laura Turri and the master macellario Bruno Bassetto, and tasting “The oil kindness in practice” conducted by Paolo Venturini, director of the Consortium and of course dedicated to the Garda Dop extra virgin.

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