Grilled whitefish according to chef Costantini

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

A really personal interpretation of an absolute classic of the local Garda cuisine such as grilled whitefish: a very simple dish, but in the vision of Andrea Costantini, executive chef of the hotel and restaurant Ratio Regina Adelaide Garda Regio, it takes on a new level. The recipe was recently proposed by Lugana Consortium as part of promotional activities for the Anteprima of vintage 2015 recently held in Lazise with the Bardolino Consortium: and now we present it here on Garda Expo. Why not try to bring it to the table for next weekend?


Ingredients for 4 people

400 g of white fish fillet

12 tufts of chicory

20 g of raspberry vinegar, 50 g oil, salt and pepper (vinaigrette)

1 apple

60g unsalted butter

100 g of dry black bread with cumin

Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil


Marinate the fillets of whitefish slightly, barbed and private skin, with salt and sugar in equal amounts. Wash them from the marinade, dry them, and quickly burn them to the surface with a torch.

Scald a few seconds the chicory in a pan, season it with a vinaigrette of raspberry vinegar and garnish with raw apple cubes.

Serve with butter brown bread by hints of cumin, anise and fennel seeds.

Complete with a little raw Garda oil.

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