Snail and Pike in the “mist” of Moniga

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

It’s called Bruma (mist) and is one of the last, very special creations out of the imagination of Saulo Della Valle, chef of Osteria H2O in Moniga frequent guest on the pages Garda Expo: a very special dish, half-way between the ground and the lake, where the flavors of fresh water are mixed with those of the country in a context crowned by the use of nitrogen. The main ingredients? Snails and pike, served with liquid nitrogen, a component that Della Valle studied for over four years and uses more and more frequently in his kitchen in Moniga. “I wanted to preserve the identity of the two main products – tells the cook – giving the final preparation the visual sensation of the lack of transparency in the air.”

The dish is prepared as follows:

mashed potatoes with seaweed, where the snail with with aromatic butter is nestled and browned in the oven;
cooked herbs on which we put the pike cooked to 59 ° and seasoned simply with olive oil and salt flakes;
drops of soy and seaweed sauce;
the pot is finished pouring vegetable broth of herbs with the addition of a drop of liquid nitrogen to create the Bruma effect, from which the recipe is named.

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