Olive oil, a very good vintage on Lake Garda

Claudio Andrizzi
Written by Claudio Andrizzi

The vintage olive on the western shore of Lake Garda promises to be of the highest quality: after a very difficult 2014, which saw production fall by 60%, the new campaign, which started around the middle of October, seems to be going in the best of ways.
“From the first analysis we found rather low acidity, and a quantity of polyphenols higher than our standards – says Simone Frusca, director of Aipol, the Association olive oil producers in Lombardy – We will have more fuity oils with intensified hints of artichoke and green almond. ”
In quantitative terms the production is in decrease, but the yields are high (12.8%): there should be a drop of about 15% on the average production of the area, although compared to the debacle of last year there will be actually a recovery of over 50%, much awaited by the producers to replenish stocks sold out in recent months because of poor production.
According to forecasts the collection, begun in advance of a week compared to the traditional schedule, should be completed by the end of November: prices are expected to rise, from 25 euro per liter of Garda Dop to 18 euro for common Extravergine. The Brescia side of Garda alone represents 76% of the olive production in Lombardy. Puegnago del Garda holds the record for the town with more olive trees in all the region with over 100 hectares.

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